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KioWare Version History

KioWare for Chrome OS

v 1.4.0


Add setting to disable screen sleep

Users can now override the device screen timeout. Along with forcing the screen to stay on globally, KioWare now also supports specifying times during which a device screen timeout should be ignored. Any time outside of this specified range will allow screen timeouts to operate normally.


URL Box for Spacers Does Not Apply to the Spacer

Custom spacers now properly reflect their assigned properties. Previously, setting the spacer's URL or color value was ignored.


v 1.3.0


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes to improve the user interface, usability, and app functionality.


v 1.2.61


Initial Release of KioWare for Chrome OS

KioWare for Chrome OS, released with blocking features such as popup window control, domain and page list blocking, and file download blocking. Additional features include ability to clear private browser data, manage attract screens, manage user sessions, reset the browser, error handling and more.

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