IKioWareHost Interface

Provides the base for all KioWare Addin functionality.


Type Signature
Version Version
The version of KioWare that is currently running.
int Revision
The revision number of KioWare that is currently running.
string UserDataDirectory
Gets the file path to the user data directory.
IEventLog EventLog
Provides access for addins to write event log entries.
IUserSession UserSession
Controls user sessions and notifies of user session state changes.
IScriptManager ScriptManager
Controls JavaScript integration for KioWare addins.
IBrowserManager BrowserManager
Provides functions for interacting with KioWare browser instances.
ISettingsManager SettingsManager
Provides functions for accessing Addin configuration.
IKioWareServer KioWareServer
Provides functionality for interacting with KioWare Server.
IMonitoredDevice MonitoredDevice
Handles user implemented monitored devices
IExitManager ExitManager
Provides functionality for integration with KioWare exit routines.
ICommunicationManager CommunicationManager
Provides functionality for leveraging voice and video communication.
IUtils Utils
Provides utility functions for use on the KioWare host container.