IExitManager Interface

Provides functionality for integration with KioWare exit routines.


Type Signature
void ExitKioWare()
Request that KioWare exit without showing a password dialog.
bool ProcessPassword(string password = null)
Process the specified password and execute any associated action.
void RestartKioWare(bool waitForSessionEnd = false)
Request that KioWare exit and restart.


Type Signature
BeforeExitDialogDelegate BeforeExitDialog
Event called before the exit password dialog is shown.
ExitDialogResultDelegate ExitDialogResult
Event called when an exit dialog result is received.


Type Signature
void BeforeExitDialogDelegate(BeforeExitDialogEventArgs args)
Delegate used for the BeforeExitDialog event.
void ExitDialogResultDelegate(ExitDialogResultEventArgs args)
Delegate used for the ExitDialogResult event.