KioUtils Class

The purpose of this class is to allow a web page to perform functions not available due to kiosk restrictions. These restrictions include launching third party applications and basic keyboard or mouse functionality. It also allows the kiosk to manipulate the window parameters.


Type Signature
int execute(string, bool, string)
Executes the specified command line
int executePath(string, string, bool, string)
Executes the specified path with args
void sendKey(int, int, int)
Sends a keyboard key value to target
void sendKeyString(string, int)
Attempts to convert each character in keyString to keys
void setClipboard(string)
Sets the clipboard with text
void paste(int)
Sends Ctrl+V to paste the current clipboard contents to target
void setClipboardPaste(int)
Sends the provided string directly to the target
double getMasterVolume()
Gets the current master sound volume level
void setMasterVolume(double)
Sets the master volume level
string newGuid()
Gets a new GUID
bool capsLockEnabled(bool?)
Gets or sets the caps lock key state
bool numLockEnabled(bool?)
Gets or sets num lock key state
bool scrollLockEnabled(bool?)
Gets or sets scroll lock key state
bool isProcRunning(int)
Determines if the specified process is running
uint64 getProcMainWnd(int)
Returns the specified process's main window handle
bool killProc(int)
Kills the specified process
bool closeWnd(uint64)
Closes the specified window
bool showWnd(uint64, bool)
Shows and activates the specified window
bool restoreWnd(uint64)
Restores the specified window to the previous show state
bool hideWnd(uint64)
Hides the specified window
bool minimizeWnd(uint64)
Minimizes the specified window
bool maximizeWnd(uint64)
Maximizes the specified window
bool isWndVisible(uint64)
Determines whether the specified window is visible
bool isWndMinimized(uint64)
Determines whether the specified window is minimized
bool setActiveWnd(uint64)
Activates the specified window
bool sendWndToBack(uint64)
Sends the specified window to the bottom of the z-order
bool bringWndToFront(uint64)
Attempts to bring the specified window to the top of the z-order
bool setWndTopMost(uint64, bool)
Sets the top-most property of the specified window
object getWndBounds(uint64)
Returns the size and location of the specified window
bool setWndBounds(uint64, int, int, int, int)
Sets the size and location of the specified window
bool setWndPosition(uint64, int, int)
Sets the location of the specified window
bool setWndSize(uint64, int, int)
Sets the size of the specified window
int findWnd(string, string)
Searches for a top-level window by title and/or class name
int getWndProcId(uint64)
Returns the process id to which a window belongs
bool restartMachine()
Reboots the system
bool shutDownMachine()
Shuts down the system
int64 getSystemUptimeMs()
Gets the system uptime in milliseconds
void nudgeMouse()
Moves the mouse 1 pixel and then back
NetworkConnectionType getConnectionType()
Gets the current system network connection type
void printPDF(string, string)
Prints a PDF file

Related Types

Type Signature
enum NetworkConnectionType
The network connection type indication values

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