KioFileIO Class


Type Signature
List<KioFileInfo> getDirectoryList(string, bool, string, int)
Gets a list of files and directories at a specified location
KioFileInfo getFileDetails(string)
Gets details of a file
KioFileInfo getDirectoryDetails(string)
Gets details of a directory
bool createDirectory(string)
Creates a directory and returns true if the directory was created
bool deleteDirectory(string)
Deletes a directory, and all files in it
bool moveDirectory(string, string)
Moves and/or renames a directory
bool createFile(string)
Creates a file, and returns true if the file was created
bool deleteFile(string)
Deletes a file, and returns true if the file was deleted
bool moveFile(string, string)
Moves and/or renames a file
int[] readFileData(string, int64, int)
Reads bytes from a file
string readFileDataBase64(string, int64, int)
Reads bytes from a file as a base64 encoded string
string readFileText(string, int)
Reads characters from a file
void writeFileData(string, int[], bool)
Write bytes to a file
void writeFileText(string, string, bool, string)
Writes text to a file
void writeFileDataBase64(string, string, bool)
Writes base64 data to a file
string getSessionTempDir()
Gets the KioWare temp directory for the current session
string generateSessionTempFilepath(string)
Gets a unique filepath located in the KioWare temp directory

Related Types

Type Signature
Object KioFileInfo
An object containing info about a file or directory

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