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Original KioWare for Windows, now KioWare Classic


The new KioWare for Windows, supporting the Chrome™ browser, is here!  Our original KioWare for Windows, built on the Internet Explorer browser, has a new name, KioWare Classic for Windows.
We will continue to support and update the original KioWare product as long as Microsoft continues to support Internet Explorer.  You can view, download & purchase the original KioWare Classic for Windows here
The new KioWare for Windows, supporting the Chrome browser is now available for download. With an all new user interface, the updated KioWare for Windows product is available as a FREE upgrade to all KioWare for Windows license holders with current support. Log in to check your support status or convert your licenses. Learn more about the new KioWare for Windows.
License numbers for the original KioWare Classic for Windows will not work on the new KioWare for Windows installation file. You will need to submit a request to convert your licenses.  Log in to your account to initiate the transition request.
Interested in using the new KioWare for Windows, but need access to an as-yet unsupported external device? Request support for a specific external device.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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