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Our most secure product to date, KioWare OS is a custom-built software designed from the ground up, with the customer in mind. No prior experience with Linux is needed to deploy this, as kiosk and system functionality can be defined using our Configuration Tool program, making for an easy set-up. Within the Configuration Tool, you’ll also find convenient access to update your product to the latest version. It is lightweight enough to run on smaller devices, such as the Raspberry Pi or ASUS Tinkerboard, as well as larger Intel-based devices.

KioWare OS is currently available in our Lite and Full models.

KioWare Lite for KioWare OS - Pricing

Subscription Licensing - Volume Pricing

KioWare Kiosk Management

KioWare Kiosk Management

KioWare OS Full is now available to use with KioWare Server or KioCloud. Remotely manage your kiosk health, content, usage statistics, and more without leaving your office.

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