IContentUpdate Interface

An interface for content update specific tasks and notifications.


Type Signature
void DoContentUpdate()
Initiates a check for a content update, unless one is already in-progress.
void CancelContentUpdate(string)
Causes KioWare to bail out of any in-progress content update download procedure or WaitForUserIdle state.


Type Signature
An event to notify the addin of content update state changes.
An event to notify of a new content update file list, or of a download size that is now known.
An event to notify of content update file download progress.
An event to notify and control update pre-apply.


Type Signature
void ContentUpdateStateChangedDelegate(ContentUpdateStateChangedEventArgs args)
Delegate for the ContentUpdateStateChanged event.
void ContentUpdateFileListDownloadedDelegate(ContentUpdateFileListDownloadedEventArgs args)
Delegate for the ContentUpdateFileListDownloaded event.
void ContentUpdateFileProgressDelegate(ContentUpdateFileProgressEventArgs args)
Delegate for the ContentUpdateFileProgress event.
void ContentUpdatePollPreApplyDelegate(ContentUpdatePollPreApplyEventArgs args)
Delegate for the ContentUpdatePollPreApply event.

Related Types

Type Signature
Enum ContentUpdateState
Content update states and statuses.
Class ContentUpdateStateChangedEventArgs
Fired when the content update state changes.
Class ContentUpdateFileListDownloadedEventArgs
Arguments for the content update file list downloaded event.
Class ContentUpdateFileProgressEventArgs
Arguments for the content update file progress event.
Class ContentUpdatePollPreApplyEventArgs
Arguments for the content update poll pre-apply event.
List<UpdateFile> UpdateFileList
The UpdateFileList inherits from List, extending it to include the members below.
Class UpdateFile
Represents a file for content updating.
Enum UpdateCommands
Content update file operations.
Enum UpdateFileStatus
Content update file status.