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New Version of KioWare Server ships


Version 4.3 of KioWare Server has been released. KioWare Server console new features include:

KWS email status scalability
Email notifications/status/alert is now scalable to the project, group, and site level.

Support for 64-bit server
Offering access to more virtual and physical memory, 64-bit processors are quickly becoming the standard; KioWare now supports this server platform.

The kiosk client console new features include:

Additional memory leak detection
KioWare proactively measures the amount of memory being used and now reboots the PC after the memory reaches a certain threshold of use. Without the PC restart, the system could otherwise become unstable.

Schedule monitor on/off
The monitor power can now be scheduled to turn on or off by the time of day and day of week.

Virtual Keyboard for all formats
The Virtual Keyboard feature now supports field completion in all formats, including Adobe PDF and Flash forms. When a user touches or clicks on the field, the Virtual Keyboard will pop up.

PNG graphic support in toolbar
PNG files can now be displayed as custom graphics in the user interface toolbar.

PJL printer support
KioWare now supports a broad range of laser printers that commonly use PJL (Printer Job Language).

Credit card parsing
Immediately parses mag stripe data and fills in your form with no extra programming required.

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