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Latest KioWare News

New Version of KioWare Server ships


Version 4.0 of KioWare Server has been released. New KioWare Server features include:

  • Completely flexible user accounts, roles and permissions that control user abilities at a functional level.
  • Simplified client content updating procedures that include application files, KioWare updates and OS updates. To support cellular networks, content transfer now checks for file truncation and corruption errors.
  • Ability to provide ad hoc grouping of kiosks. Groups can contain other groups, projects or individual kiosks.
  • Addition of ad hoc data structures useful for storing custom data about each kiosk, which can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • Added infrastructure to support 3rd party add-ins. Our first add-in will be released in December: a kiosk mapping add-in that enables all your kiosks and their status to be overlaid onto a digital map.
  • A new API that enables 3rd parties to develop a custom KioWare Server interface as well as plug-ins to the standard interface.
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