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New Version of KioWare and KioWare Lite Released!


Version 4.3.9 of KioWare and KioWare Lite has been released. The new release includes support for toolbar skins so that toolbar buttons and background color can be completely integrated with your application.

In applications where a user logs onto a network domain, as well as perhaps logs onto an application, it is critical that they be logged off both the domain and the application when their session ends. KioWare/KioWare Lite has long had the ability to run a script upon session termination that is very useful for logging the user out of the application. New for this release is the ability to easily log the user off the domain and destroy their user credentials.

For large scale deployments, the installation program has been modified to enable unattended installation so that KioWare and KioWare Lite can be installed, an XML configuration file loaded, and the program licensed electronically via the Internet all without user intervention.

For KioWare, barcode scanner support has been added to enable a simple method to pass barcode data into your application.

500 hr demo available for download. Go to our Product page for details.

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