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Latest KioWare News

New Version of KioWare / KioWare Lite Ships


The new version includes the following features:

KioWare Shell
You can now easily switch the computer to use KioWare instead of Windows Explorer as the OS shell. Running KioWare as the shell significantly improves the performance of the kiosk and also increases security.

New Command Line Arguments
KioWare can now be started with command line arguments that load a specific XML file, or load a specific version of KioWare’s registry (useful for multi-user mode where thin-clients may have different configurations).

Toolbar Visibility
KioWare can now control on which pages to display the toolbar.

Multiple Settings Mode
For thin client applications where individual PCs require different KioWare configurations, multiple configurations can be saved and accessed by KioWare via a command line argument.

Shutdown Mode
KioWare can be configured to either exit to the desktop with proper entry of passcode (default), shutdown the computer with proper entry of passcode, or shutdown the computer immediately upon initiating exit (ie, no passcode required).

Dialog Box Timeout Option
KioWare can now automatically close down any KioWare dialog box after a specified user inactivity delay.

Additional Scripting
Scripting support has been extended to include the ability to programmatically log off. This is equivalent to clicking the log off button in the KioWare toolbar. Also, second monitor display times can be programmatically modified.

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