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KioWare Team Designs App to Remember Veterans


KioWare is proud to announce its part in Operation Remember, a project developed by the city of Burleson, Texas to honor and archive the personal histories of local veterans.

Operation Remember features an interactive kiosk in Veteran’s Memorial Park that helps visitors locate a veteran’s memorial brick in the park, showing a picture of the brick, pictures of the vet during their time in service, and videos of their personal account of war.


Veteran's Memorial Park showcases a fountain surrounded by memorial bricks to pay tribute to those that have served. The bricks are donated by residents and display local veterans’ name, rank, insignia of branch of service and conflict(s) they were in.

The original plan for the park began with space for 200 inlaid bricks, but quickly grew to 900 and is now over 1200. After the community requested an easier way to locate their Veteran's brick among the hundreds, the city had KioWare develop the interactive kiosk application which shows a map of the bricks. Since the number of bricks purchased continues to grow, this technology also provides the city with the ability to continually update the kiosk with newly purchased bricks.

In addition to the “brick-finder” component of the kiosk, visitors can view a videotaped personal account of war directly from that veteran, along with pictures of their time in service. Visitors can search for a veteran by name, branch, war or geographic location. This search functionality was also expanded to the city’s website, where users can find out more information about the park, purchase bricks, or sign up to volunteer or fundraise for the project.

The videotaped personal accounts are also given to the local library and submitted to the Library of Congress, where they are available in a national online database as well as to visitors of the Library of Congress.

“Every community has a special obligation to preserve its own history.  Our history is not just comprised of a collection of places—it is the story of our people, and there is no more important part of our history to preserve and promote than the stories of our veterans.  What I love most about our veterans’ kiosk is that it incorporates new technology in a way that will perpetually encourage our younger generations to discover the vital contributions of our older generations.” Mayor Ken Shetter

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) developed the kiosk application, using KioWare Kiosk Software to secure the application. EuroTouch provided their standard 19” Flexi Outdoor kiosk, project management and turnkey installation.

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