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KioWare Server Version 4.4.4 released


We have just released KioWare Server version 4.4.4. New features include:

Server Console Features

  • Server event log viewer - From the console, kiosk managers can now see the Windows event log of the server that KioWare Server is installed on, which is useful for debugging installation and kiosk communication issues.
  • Disable automatic kiosk creation - When an unknown kiosk first communicates with the server, this allows the kiosk manager to stop the server from automatically creating a kiosk.
  • Bulk move kiosks – This gives kiosk managers the ability to bulk move kiosks to a different project and set content revision in the new project.
  • New session page list report – This enables kiosk managers to drill into kiosk user sessions and list the pages viewed by kiosk users.
  • Time zone selection for reports - Reports can be generated based on server time zone or kiosk time zone.
  • Trial period extended – The free trial of the KioWare Server console has been extended to 90 days.

Additional Features

  • Kiosk description added to status emails - The kiosk description you define in KioWare Server can now be included in status emails as a means to better identify the kiosk to the email recipient.
  • Additional SMTP email configuration - SMTP email configuration now includes username, password, port and SSL.
  • Default page execution wait time increased – In order to prevent timeouts caused by slow performance, the default page execution wait time has been increased.

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Or are you an existing client? If so, and your support is current, you can upgrade to the newest version. Please note that if you haven't created a user account since we launched our new website, you will need to do so in order to upgrade. You can do that by looking up your existing customer information in our account lookup tool.

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