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New Release of KioWare for Android 3.17


KioWare for Android 3.17 LogoNEW to KioWare for Android

Version 3.17 of KioWare┬« for Android is now available. KioWare for Android now adds SIP Voice over IP capabilities for supported tablets.  Also added: new hardware keyboard filtering, a built-in application drawer, updated attract looper settings, and more. KioWare Basic for Android & KioWare Full for Android now have MagTek magnetic card reader support.  Additional features also now available.

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of KioWare for Android kiosk software supporting SIP VoIP and Magtek magnetic card readers.

KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, turning your tablet into a secure kiosk or purposed device for self-service, digital signage, or mobile device management deployments.

SIP Voice over IP

Version 3.17 of Kioware Lite for Android now includes capabilities for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Voice over IP (VoIP) on supported devices.  A SIP connection allows for making or receiving phone calls over the Internet. In addition to phone calling, KioWare for Android also supports KioCall Video Conferencing for video conferencing calls.

Magtek Magnetic Card Reader

KioWare Basic for Android and KioWare Full for Android now support MagTek magnetic card readers including the eDynamo and tDynamo for non-credit card magstripe deployments.

Additional New Features and Improvements

Built-in applications drawer

The built-in applications drawer can be used instead of the default home screen to allow kiosk users to access applications easily.

Attract looper settings

New attract looper settings have been added to control the transition animation to allow for more options in going from slide to slide. Settings can also change the attract looper folder location.

Results dialog added when provisioning

A results dialog has been added to show when provisioning for informed provisioning monitoring

JavaScript functions added

JavaScript functions can be used to obtain detailed device information, useful for more advanced deployers/deployments.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and application improvements.

View all updates to KioWare for Android version 3.17 here.

Licensing KioWare for Android

A license is needed for each deployed kiosk running KioWare for Android. Quantity pricing is available. Annual support and maintenance is recommended, and current support is required in order to upgrade. View a full description of features for this and other versions of the KioWare product line.

These products are available as a free trial download. Existing clients have the ability to upgrade.

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2003 and Android software since 2012.

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