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KioWare Year End Sale & Hours


Year End Goodies, Hours and Surprises

Spend Some, Save Some - Coupon Code for KioWare License Purchase 


Email or call 717-843-4790 to see what percentage discount you might receive on any year-end kiosk license purchases or maintenance/support renewals.*

Do you have budget left to spend before the year-end? Ready to purchases licenses but need that extra incentive? Contact our sales team (via phone, chat, or email) to see what coupons are available! 

Office Closings for December:
The KioWare Offices will be closing at 12 noon Eastern Time on December 24th, reopening at 8 am on December 26th. We will also be closing for New Year's Day, but will opening again at 8 am Eastern Time on January 2nd. We will otherwise be open throughout the holiday season.  As always during office closures, email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

KioWare University
Read more about how KioWare works, how KioWare is being used in the wild, KioWare how to's, and more in the Learn section of our website. 

KioWare for Chrome OS

Upcoming Releases
Stay tuned for upcoming releases (including version updates for KioWare for Windows and KioWare Server) and an exciting new KioWare product, built for the Chrome Operating System. KioWare for Chrome OS will be available for download in the coming weeks.

External Device Support
Need to know if KioWare support's your chip card reader, barcode reader, receipt printer and more? Visit our External Devices page to find the device you need. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us to request support for a particular device.

As always, if you have up to date support, please go to your account to update to the latest version of your KioWare product.  Need to bring your support contract current? You may be eligible for a discount. Email Sales to request a quote and reference this email.  

Call (+1) 717.843.4790 with any questions about your KioWare product or chat with us online.

*Discount may vary based on availability and license quantity.

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