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KioWare for Chrome OS Press Release


KioWare for Chrome OS LogoAnalytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new product to secure the Chrome(TM) Operating System. KioWare for Chrome OS(TM) is a kiosk application used with Chrome OS Kiosk Mode to secure the Chrome Operating System and activate additional interactive kiosk features.

Users with the Chrome operating system activate “Chrome Kiosk Mode” on their device. They then add the KioWare for Chrome OS kiosk application to provide additional features and security not available using Chrome OS kiosk mode alone. Learn more about setting up your Chrome OS device with KioWare for Chrome OS.

KioWare Lite for Chrome OS includes features such as:

  • Attract screens Popup window control
  • Domain/Page list blocking
  • User session management
  • Tabbed browsing
  • File download blocking
  • Clear private browser data
  • Custom toolbar skins

. . . and more. 

KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into a secure interactive kiosk, turning your tablet into a kiosk or purposed device for self-service, digital signage, or mobile device management deployments. Now available for Windows, Android, & Chrome operating systems. KioWare for Chrome OS is not to be confused with our KioWare for Windows application, which secures the Windows operating system and uses a Chromium-based browser.

KioWare for Chrome OS

KioWare for Chrome OS is available in a free fully functioning demo. Download, configure, and test, then license by purchasing an annual subscription. One license is needed for each deployed kiosk running KioWare for Chrome OS. Volume discounts are available.  KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2003 and Android software since 2012.

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