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Case Study: FireFly Solutions


Pomona & District Chamber of Commerce

Firefly Solutions is a marketing and event management company based in Queensland, Australia, and is a current client of KioWare Kiosk System Software. Firefly Solutions recently implemented self-service kiosk technology to assist their customer, the Pomona & District Chamber of Commerce, in their mission to inform locals and tourists about the hidden gem that is the Noosa Hinterland area. The kiosk was deployed to provide information about the region so they may more easily find activities, hospitality services, and landmarks that they find most interesting.

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With the Noosa Hinterland spanning nearly 280 kilometers (174 miles), this self-service kiosk is instrumental to streamline the information-gathering process. Visitors to the kiosk will find materials on all the recreational opportunities across the area such as wonders like the Noosa Everglades, one of only two everglade systems in the world; Lake Cootharaba, Queensland’s largest saltwater lake; and the Noosa Biosphere, one of Australia’s four United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve sites. The Noosa Hinterland area also provides cultural enrichment events such as the “King of the Mountain Festival,” which was made famous by Australia rock band Midnight Oil, as well as other adventure, environment, community, and heritage-related activities.

While visitors to the Noosa Hinterland area gain valuable ideas from the kiosk on how to spend time in the region, local businesses and residents benefit greatly from the economic impact of recreation and tourism. Information at the kiosk not only helps visitors to understand the complex beauty of the Noosa Hinterland area but also provides suggestions where to eat, shop, and stay during their time in the region.

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Firefly Solutions employs several KioWare features in this important informational kiosk for the Pomona & District Chamber of Commerce. Functionally, the kiosk is locked down to only allow users to access the Chamber of Commerce’s website and its adjacent and approved external links. KioTouch has also been included in the kiosk set up to provide users the option of a touchless interface with the kiosk via their personal mobile device, which has greatly boosted user sessions during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the attract screen feature is used to grab the attention of passersby and persuade them to interact with the kiosk to learn more about the Noosa Hinterland area. The kiosk administrator, who is located approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the Pomona grocery store that houses the kiosk, also utilizes the Kiosk Management Tools in KioCloud to obtain valuable user statistics and remotely monitor the kiosk’s health (i.e., if it is running Ok or in need of updates or technical assistance).

In addition to the features and products implemented by Firefly Solutions, KioWare also offers KioCall for video conferencing and KioWare OS for the integration of kiosk system software on an Android single-board computer as options for your self-service kiosk solution. Is KioWare right for your kiosk project? Find out today by navigating to our download page to try KioWare for free! Have questions? Please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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