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Bank Kiosk Uses - Infographic


Read our full article about bank kiosk uses and examples, here.

Benefits of Kiosk Software for Data Security
1. Reduces Kiosk Down Time – Ensures Application is Running
2. Protects User Privacy by Deleting Cache & Temporary Files
3. Resets Between Users Completely Resetting Computer to its Initial State
4. Provides Customizable Content, Branding & Graphics
5. Controls User Activity by Controlling Browser & Application Access and Navigation
6. Restricts Access to the OS & File System
7. Monitors Kiosk Usage & Health
8. Scales for Easy Deployment and Updates
9. User Session End Based on Time or Motion
10. Controls Addition and Removal of Data from/to External Device
11. Helps to ensure PCI compliance
12. Option to Block Pop Ups
13. Supports Retractable Printers
14. Option to Block Access to Email & Email Links

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