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Tradeshow Booth Kiosk Stands

How to use Kiosks in an upcoming Tradeshow or Exhibit

Tradeshow Booth Kiosk Stands

Kiosk hardware, software and peripherals dominate the Kiosk Europe Expo, but are likely less pervasive (and thereby more noticeable) at tradeshows targeting other vertical markets. Kiosk benefits vary from increased lead capture to crosspromotion to showcasing your company, products and features. Why not take advantage of this? Here’s how.

Kiosks receive attention from passersby, and therefore can easily increase lead capture. Use kiosk monitors to advertise prizes available, and then require attendees to answer a short questionnaire to win. Or utilize kiosks to scan badges or promotion materials that have been distributed through the mail, other exhibiters or show sponsorships. After any of these scenarios, your website or related information could be displayed or coupons for discounted products could be printed.

So my incredibly persuasive writing has convinced you to have a kiosk in your booth, but how do you get it there? If you have a kiosk, you could send it, but it’s likely to be very expensive to purchase a container and ship through the show vendor. Another option: partner with hardware companies. They can easily ship a unit to the show for significantly less, as they already have the resources, i.e. shipping materials and a carrier. Yet another option: utilize counter-top units, which can travel in small boxes or carrying cases for easy transportation. You can borrow a test unit from a hardware company or purchase one for far less than a standing kiosk. Or you can even rent from a kiosk rental company.

As for setting up the kiosk onsite, don’t forget your tools, literally. You may need ratchets or screw drivers to remove the kiosk from its packaging or to open the enclosure, should you have any problems with internal devices (printers, scanners, etc.). Also, if you are borrowing or renting the kiosk, you will want to save the application elsewhere, likely a data stick, and simply upload onsite.

Lastly, utilize kiosk software for easy set-up. KioWare will run your application automatically in kiosk-mode, hiding the desktop and keeping your application running at all times. KioWare also has a time-expire license feature, enabling you to set an expiration date for the license and allowing you to re-use the license on another machine at another tradeshow.

Now you are ready to take advantage of self-service technology at your next tradeshow. Whether it’s through discounts, giveaways or prizes, just don’t forget to reward your users for spending time at your kiosk (and I don’t mean bombarding them with emails about your products).

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