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Rubicon General Contractors' Project Console Uses Technology to Save Time & Money

Under the leadership of VP of Operations Todd McCall, Rubicon General Contractors leverage kiosk technology to improve the construction process.

Rubicon General Contractors' Project Console Uses Technology to Save Time & Money


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R.O.K Project ConsoleR.O.K. Project Console Summary

The R.O.K. Project Console was created by Rubicon General Contractors to increase efficiencies and reduce delays in the construction process. R.O.K. stands for Rubicon Onsite Kiosk. In complex commercial construction projects, it is important to communicate every change and update to all project stakeholders as quickly as possible. By utilizing PlanGrid construction productivity software secured with KioWare kiosk software and kiosk hardware manufactured by I&E Kiosk, Rubicon can now keep all of their subcontractors building from the same set of blueprints at all times.


Traditional construction methods involve printed blueprints with a process of multiple iterations and reprints or versioning. Printed blueprints must be updated and redistributed each time there is a change. Todd McCall, Vice President of Operations for Rubicon General Contractors, continually works to leverage technology to improve project productivity. McCall emphasizes, “I have a commitment to promoting a very fluid and almost effortlessly-driven construction process. We do this by extensive training and also by leveraging technology and its capabilities. I focus on leveraging technology in a particular manner, creating opportunities to improve our construction process workflows. The R.O.K.(Rubicon Onsite Kiosk) is one example of necessity being used to drive progress.”

McCall developed the R.O.K. with the goals of creating a more cohesive flow of communication and encouraging teamwork. Rubicon uses PlanGrid construction productivity software to streamline the construction process, sharing punch lists with architects and communicating updated statuses and documentation to various contractors. By providing centralized, onsite access to PlanGrid, Rubicon can ensure that the latest documentation is available to all contractors, which results in minimizing errors that might otherwise occur due to poor communication or outdated information.

The R.O.K. with PlanGrid has dramatically improved Rubicon’s speed in pushing critical information and plan revisions out to the entire project team, as well as streamlining the assignment and tracking of tasks to individual team members.

Plangrid Sample PlanConstruction Kiosk Makes Productivity a Priority

Rubicon’s Onsite Kiosk (R.O.K.) was built by purchasing some of the equipment and hardware from I&E Kiosk and uses a 24x14 inch touchscreen.

With the 24x14 inch touchscreen, the display size is about half the size of a set of printed blueprints. This allows for several people to interact and view the screen simultaneously and collaboratively. Rubicon purchased the I&E Kiosk stand which allows for the use of more delicate machinery in a rough environment. The kiosks need to R.O.C.K. Kiosk in usewithstand the extreme temperatures and rugged conditions encountered on active jobsites.

For software, the kiosk is running the PlanGrid construction productivity app secured with KioWare Lite for Windows kiosk system software for lockdown and security.

Todd McCall, VP of Operations for Rubicon General Contractors discussed their “super tablet” with the PlanGrid team. “We’ve created a new device on our projects to bring the whole team together—a portable and durable project team hub that any of our internal or external project teammates can use. The idea behind the device is to connect everyone on the team from the project engineers and the property manager to our superintendents and all our subcontractors. In addition to accessing PlanGrid, it can easily access the current status of documents and inspections from the City of Tampa Permitting Department. With the touch of a button, you can access other convenient functions such as a virtual sketch pad if you’re trying to illustrate something.”

With this portable kiosk, teams can easily open a drawing and pour over its details together. Secured with the KioWare kiosk lockdown app, the R.O.K. is reliable, secure, and readily available for team members. Without KioWare kiosk system software, the device would be a nightmare to maintain and it would be difficult to regulate and restrict usage. KioWare prohibits every function other than what the Rubicon team has configured to allow.

Having a kiosk on-site with up-to-date blueprints and documents reduces the time it takes to make sure that information is distributed appropriately and that the documents being reviewed are the most current. For a full write up from the PlanGrid team, and more information directly from Todd McCall, read the PlanGrid blog.

Rubicon General Contractors LogoRubicon General Contractors, LLC is a fullservice commercial General Contractor based in Tampa, Florida specializing in in high-end corporate office interiors and new ground-up office buildings. They focus on details and provide superior customer service. Rubicon’s team of professionals is committed to quality, integrity, and honesty. The construction experience is taken to a higher efficiency by using the latest in technology. Rubicon is a trusted community partner to a wide range of property owners, architects, and corporate clients.

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