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How To Specify Alternative Start Pages

Set alternate start page.

How To Specify Alternative Start Pages


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Attract Screen Alt Destination​​​​​​​KioWare for Windows version 8.18 and newer has added a feature to allow you to specify alternative start pages. With this feature, users can specify which webpage is loaded when a particular attract screen is clicked.

To leverage this feature, click the pencil icon for each of your attract screen entries and set the 'Exit Action' to 'Load Alternate Start Page'.

The 'Alternate Start Page URL' can be set to a URL of your choosing, such as the attract screen entry you are editing. Configured as such, user interaction on each particular attract screen will effectively 'reload' the page and the user will be immediately interacting with the page they were viewing.

KioWare for Windows, Version 8.18 and newer, attract screens
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