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Connected Technology Solutions Kiosks with a Human Touch

CTS has developed Kwerk check in software for use on self-service kiosks in a variety of environments.

Connected Technology Solutions Kiosks with a Human Touch


CTS Check-in Kiosks

Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) is a kiosk hardware manufacturer and software solution provider with a focus on providing a seamless patient experience. CTS has developed Kwerk check-in software for use on self-service kiosks. Combined with KioWare Server and KioWare client-side kiosk system software, the Kwerk application and CTS hardware provide a secure check-in solution for use in a variety of settings.

The Application

Check in ScreenshotWhile this deployment of Kwerk is focused on the healthcare experience, Kwerk can be used across a variety of industries and services. Kwerk is designed to be a tool which communicates with existing back-end systems. Kwerk can provide one - or many - workflows to the end user. These (configurable) workflows can then integrate with a client’s back-end web service. Patient check-in is a perfect example of a workflow on a kiosk that is frequently utilized. Other example uses of Kwerk includes anything from purchasing tickets for a movie to setting up an appointment.

Connected Technology Solutions Kiosks

CTS Payment Kiosk

CTS provides design, manufacturing, and implementation of self-service solutions, including point of purchase kiosks, digital signage, interactive displays, and retail fixtures. KioWare kiosk system software is used to create a secure self-service environment and allow for accepting secure payments, locking down a browser or application, managing user sessions, and creating an interactive digital signage experience. In the case of the CTS kiosks, KioWare secures the Kwerk check-in application on the kiosks to provide a controlled user interface and a secure layer of communication between hardware and software.

Patients use the CTS kiosks by entering identifying information (including birthdate and zip code). Once the relevant patient information is entered and matched, patients can view their scheduled appointment details, add contact details, verify insurance information, and provide a signature indicating consent to treat. At that time, bill payment may be entered or the patient may opt to pay their bill at a later time.

A session timeout is set, which provides additional security for when a patient walks away from the check-in screen before completing the task.

Language options also appear, allowing patients to select to view the check-in screen in English or Spanish. Kwerk can be customized to any language. 

“Some benefits of using KioWare to lockdown the Kwerk application include the advanced on-screen keyboard features, significant JavaScript integration, the ability to override default printing behaviors of Windows, and more. Just the fact that KioWare made a point to allow more technical folks to have access to modify configuration files, create add-ins, add Javascript functions, and exposing the JavaScript API is a huge bonus for us. For instance, we were able to build our own JavaScript library which bridges the gap between KioWare and our own application, allowing us to easily call functions within KioWare directly.” 

– Steve Wargolet, Senior Software Engineer, Connected Technology Solutions

Product, Service, & Project Specifics

CTS Healthcare Services created the Kwerk application due to a gap they identified in the marketplace, wherein customers could find check-in solutions to deploy, but no good way existed to connect the check-in applications to EHRs & EMRs. Kwerk enables smaller organizations to have a simple, stand-alone check-in solution. By filling this gap in middleware, it can also be used to connect with EHRs in any size facility.

Kwerk enables patient check-in, and the kiosks can also be configured to accept co-pays and bill payments, schedule patients, record “consent to treatment” authorization, and update patient information. HIPAA privacy forms can also be filled out and accepted. Secured with KioWare kiosk system software, Kwerk provides a secure and EMV compliant checkout option. 

“We’ve found a lot of potential customers with an interest in deploying check-in solutions but without the appropriate middleware piece that allows kiosks to talk to their EHR. We developed Kwerk, which will talk to not only the EHRs in larger facilities but also serve as a bundled product we can offer the mid-market so potential customers at that level can have healthcare-proven hardware and high-quality patient check-in software solutions in an affordable package.”

– Sandy Nix, President & CEO, Connected Technology Solutions

CTS kiosk hardware options include desktop or floor standing solutions and include features such as privacy filters, web cameras, barcode scanners, image scanners, branded artwork, and more. Various touchscreen sizes are available and technical options range from Surface Pro tablets to Solid State CPU devices running Windows 10.

About Connected Technology Solutions

CTS LogoConnected Technology Solutions (CTS) is the thought leader in branded user experiences including point of purchase kiosks, digital signage, interactive displays, and retail fixtures, with an extensive roster of clients in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation industries and more. Recognized for its outstanding creative talent and innovative engineering, the Wisconsin-based company has won numerous prestigious awards for its customized software and hardware design, implementation, and customer service and support since its founding in 2002. CTS is the parent company of CTS Healthcare Services and Mighty Touch. For more information, visit
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