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Features & Benefits Article

Features & Benefits

Benefits of Kiosk Software

Key benefits of kiosk software include configure it and forget it, alerts, and usage data

Benefits of Kiosk Software

The Benefits to using Kiosk Software

Kiosk software secures your kiosk browser, displaying your application full screen and restricting user access from the OS, desktop and browser. These are key features of kiosk software, but what are the benefits?

It’s often assumed that these key features are programmed directly into the application. Sometimes the features are programmed in, but at an additional cost and if there is a bug, it affects the entire application. Making changes to the app or switching app providers becomes difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes the features are not programmed in at all. However, if separate kiosk software is used, making those changes as well as tracking your kiosk’s health and usage becomes simple.

Configure it and Forget About it

Isn’t the purpose of a kiosk to reduce the workload on your staff? A kiosk that isn’t secured from hacking is more trouble than it’s worth. The last thing you want is having the settings changed and the screen set to the wrong page. Kiosk software takes care of this for you, locking down the system and returning to the start page after every use. With KioWare Kiosk Software, you can configure the kiosk software and forget about it, knowing that your application will always be up and running.

Be Alerted about Problems

In many kiosk deployments, it is important to know an individual kiosk’s health and whether there are any current problems. Kiosk software, such as KioWare, uses a system that sends regular messages to a centralized server with performance statistics. The arrival of the message indicates that the software is running on the kiosk, and the performance statistics indicate the kiosk’s current health. KioWare also actively monitors specified equipment, such as printers, and when an anomaly is noticed, such as low on paper, a message is sent to the server and notification emails are also sent.

Review Usage Data

Kiosk software that tracks the pages users visit, both for an individual kiosk and all of the kiosks in a project, can be very helpful. KioWare has the capability to take usage statistics one step beyond standard web traffic reporting programs. Since KioWare doesn't display information contained in the HTML title tags, URL data and also title tag data are logged. This enables the application to be designed so that readable log information is stored. Rather than an incomprehensible URL, a straightforward description of the page can be stored in the title tag.

Reviewing this data helps in measuring the success of the project as well as formulating application changes to make it even more successful.

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