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Device Details

Mag Stripe Reader Spectrum 1 and 2 and 3
  • Category: Mag Stripe Reader
  • Type: Input
  • API: IDTech HRDLL 3.2
Supported By
KioWare Classic for Windows KioWare Classic for Windows Version added: 5.1.0
Manufacturer IDTech
Manufacturer Info
Device Notes Uses a USB port, which is converted by a driver into a virtual COM port. You must install the correct driver from IDTECH to do this. Driver installs two devices: "ID Tech serial USB converter" and "ID TECH USB Serial Port") You can look at Device Manager, Ports, "ID Tech USB Serial Port", Port Settings, Advanced, to change which COM port it is using. ID Tech provides a sample application (a VB form), which can be used to test the reader. Requires HrDll.dll, which contains an OLE object, so it must be regsvr32'ed. The sample app will do that as part of its install.
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