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Device Manufacturer Category API Type Supported by
All Serial Port RFID Readers Multiple RFID Reader Writer Serial Device Input
All Serial Port Barcode Scanners Multiple Barcode Reader Serial Device Input
All TWAIN Compatible Scanners Multiple Document Scanner TWAIN Input
All Printers Supporting PJL Multiple Printer - Other PJL (Printer Job Language) Output
Built-In Android Proximity Sensor Multiple Motion Sensor Android OS Security
OPOS Motion Sensor Multiple Motion Sensor OPOS Security
Barcode Reader Keyboard Wedge Multiple Barcode Reader Keyboard Wedge Input
Mag Stripe Keyboard Wedge Multiple Mag Stripe Reader Keyboard Wedge Input
Bluetooth Socket Support Multiple Other Bluetooth SPP Input
Android NFC Device Multiple RFID Reader Writer Android OS Input
Android Camera Device Multiple Webcam Android OS Input
Software-Based Scanner Multiple Barcode Reader ZXing Input
All Directshow-Based TV Tuners Multiple TV Tuner DirectShow Input
All WIA-Based Scanners Multiple Document Scanner WIA Input
Any DirectShow-Based WebCam Multiple Webcam DirectShow Input
OPOS-Supported Barcode Scanners Multiple Barcode Reader OPOS Input
ChipDNA Supported Devices Multiple EMV Chip And Pin NMI ChipDNA Input
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