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Device Details

EMV Chip And Pin ID Tech MiniSmart II
  • Category: EMV Chip And Pin
  • Type: Input
  • API: DataCap
Supported By
KioWare for Windows KioWare for Windows Version added: 8.16
Manufacturer IDTech
Manufacturer Info Product URL
Device Notes Intelligent Smart Card Reader Easy to Integrate EMV Solution ID TECH’s latest EMV module, the MiniSmart II, carries on the tradition of its predecessor, the MiniSmart. Maintaining a compact form factor, along with the familiar supported interfaces of USB, UART, and RS232, the MiniSmart II allows for easy integration into today’s payment applications requiring EMV acceptance. With EMV acceptance becoming an international payment standard, the MiniSmart II brings forth a small enough form factor to adapt into a wide variety of space-limited applications. Secure and Robust EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Module Its robust design features durable contacts tested to over 500,000 cycles, which are integrated within the MiniSmart II’s engineering plastics suitable for today’s most intensive payment applications. The MiniSmart II features EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certification. Remote key injection is also available and supported with the MiniSmart II. For specific Datacap supported devices and usage, please visit our payment hardware partners at UCP (Americas) and HWE (EMEA). For more information about Datacap and device integration with KioWare, or to find out if your device is supported, please contact KioWare Technical Support. Supports US firmware (RBA).
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