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Device Details

Printer - Other Custom Engineering KPM216 Printer
  • Category: Printer - Other
  • Type: Output
  • API: Serial Device
Supported By
KioWare for Windows KioWare for Windows Version added: 8.13
Manufacturer Custom Engineering
Manufacturer Info Product URL
Device Notes New latest generation processor New printing head with higher printing quality Speed > of 200mm/sec Illuminated paper bezel (standard equipment) Easy switch from horizontal to vertical setting Retracting, roll holding or fan fold in vertical position:the printer has a thickness of only 8cm! RS232+USB+Ethernet on board: 3 communication interfaces (standard equipment) Updates from remote thanks to Ethernet interface All international fonts on board 1D and 2D printing PrinterSet software : a tool for a complete, easy and quick management of your printer CPT software: CustomPowerTool for the personalization of your tickets/receipts Dot-saving function
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